What is class E?

Published: 28/12/2020

Class E for sale and to let boards are starting to appear as agents catch up with the legislation introduced on 1st September. Although this was done in response to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s a welcome overhaul of a restrictive system which recognises the need to repurpose properties to meet changing demands.

The changes have significantly broadened and simplified the classifications. The main change is the introduction of a new comprehensive Class E, which brings together a number of previous uses. This permits a number of alternative uses which can be applied flexibly, at different times of day for example.

Class E uses are listed below (previous use class in brackets):

Shops - (A1)
Financial & Professional Services - (A2)
Food & Drink (mainly on premises) - (A3)
Business (office, R&D, light industrial) - (B1)
Non-resi (medical/health, creche) - D1
Assembly & leisure (gym, sport etc) - (D2)