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Development Advice

If you are the owner of a property such as a warehouse, factory, office block, shop with uppers or plot of land then you may be considering how best to maximise the value of your asset. We can offer advice on the potential scope for redevelopment of your property and discuss the pros and cons of the various options in the current market.

Please contact the Commercial Department if you would like to discuss your property with no obligations. We are aware that in many circumstances the potential sale or redevelopment of a property can be a sensitive issue but rest assured that we will treat your enquiry with the strictest confidence.

If you are a developer looking for development opportunities in central London or require advice on any aspect of your project, or you have development stock you wish to bring to the market, please contact us. Our Land & New Homes department has considerable experience, assisting in a consulting capacity on the design, planning, pricing and marketing of development projects and is renowned for the quality of its advice and the prices achieved.